Chantelle Bras – Both Comfy and Sexy

Published: 16th November 2011
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For most women, the most intimate apparel is brasserie. The modern woman seeks quality brasserie combined with elegant styling. French lingerie has always been in demand among women across the globe due to its incredible designing styles. Chantelle bras came into the business of intimate apparel as manufacturers of stylish French lingerie. With an undeniable reputation and experience of over 50 years, the company is incredibly popular all around the globe for their fashionable, stylish and yet comfortable lingerie.

Keeping the good support and shape in mind, Chantelle bras are designed not only in basic cotton fabric but also with high quality stretch fabrics that are comfortable and absorb sweat. This France based company knows quite well what women expect from French lingerie. Their bras are a good option to regular lingerie and intimate apparel that has no attention to detail and quality.

Chantelle bras are available in various styles and fabrics. The numerous fits ensure that there is a perfect one for every woman, even if she is plus sized. Yes! There are plus size bras as well with a very good fit for heavily endowed women. These bras provide added support and structure that plus size women look for in large size bras. Chantelle offers a huge range of bras in various cup sizes.

Besides that, Chantelle has a collection of bras in classic style as well that is suitable for just for any woman. Designed with lots of ribbon and lace, these classic bras are apt for women with old-school sex appeal and classic taste. Also, you get a range of bras that are meant for daily wear. For women with busy regimen, there is special ‘invisible’ series that is comfortable and supportive all day long and keeps the gal going with her busy lifestyle. They rest underneath your attire and make you feel that you are just not wearing anything underneath.

Apart from everyday wear, you can also get silk bras from Chantelle to accentuate your bedroom sex appeal. They are as soft as skin. For wrinkle free and heavy wear, bras in latex and spandex can be availed. However, these fabrics are not as breathable as cotton or any natural fabric is, but they look great. Combining the modern styles with French designs, Chantelle offers a full range of bras that are good virtually with every outfit you have. It is a boon for women who prefer to look good throughout the day irrespective of which outfit they wear. For t-shirts, Chantelle presents a great range of seamless t-shirt bras that just look invisible. One can also get a range of strapless bras too in various sizes and styles.

The best thing about Chantelle bras is that they can be easily hand-washed and dried in air. Another important factor while choosing a bra is the fit. A proper fitting bra supports the bust without clinching tightly to the torso. A smooth and silky bra may win rave reviews in the bedroom, but may not be suitable for everyday wear or lack comfort when worn for prolonged hours. On the contrary, a strong, comfortable and supportive bra is apt for everyday wear. To get a better idea about the complete range of Chantelle bras, its sizes and styles, it is advised to log on to the internet and check out their entire selection of lingerie and intimate apparel. Online shopping is also a pleasant experience, plus a better option as the special lingerie store or a big departmental store do not offer entire line of Chantelle. If you are looking for simple yet luxurious designs in bras, then you must go for Chantelle brassieres and lingerie.

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